SNOM probes

SNOM probes

SNOM probes characteristics (see scheme):

Basic material

high-performance select cutoff single-mode optical fiber Nufern

Tip coating


Tip angle

25 – 30 degrees

Maximum optical input power

400 microwatt

Sharpening method

chemical etching

Probe manufacturer


Optical fiber geometrical & mechanical specifications:

Cladding diameter

125 μm

Coating diameter

245 μm

Core-cladding concentricity

< 0.5 μm

Coating/cladding offset

≤ 5 μm

Coating material

UV cured, dual acrylate

Operating temperature

– 55 to + 85°C

Short-term bend radius

? 6 mm

Long-Term Bend Radius (LTBR)

? 13 mm

Proof test level

? 200 kpsi (1.4 GN/m2)

Fig. 1. Scheme of SNOM probe.

Fig. 2. Electron microscopy images of SNOM probe obtained with different magnifications.

Basically we offer SNOM probes based on the following fibers: Nufern 460-HP (450–600 nm), Nufern 630-HP (600–770 nm), Nufern 780-HP (780–970 nm), Nufern 980-HP (980–1600 nm), and Nufern 1550B-HP (1460–1620 nm). On request probes based on Nufern 405-HP (400–550 nm) and other fibers (Nufern 1060-XP (980–1600 nm), Nufern 1310B-HP (1300–1625 nm)) are available. By special request we offer probes made of other fiber types according to customer specification.

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