Cantilever Cantilever Cantilever Cantilever thickness, Resonant frequency, Force constant,
type length, width, m kHz N/m

L5m W5m min typical max min typical max min typical max
B Short 100 35 1,7 2,0 2,3 193 254 325 5,6 11,5 22,3

Extra tip specification
Typical curvature radius 1nm
Typical length 100-200nm
Material Diamond-like carbon
Working length (maximum surface roughness) 20 nm
Manufacturer Nanotuning

Cantilever specification
Manufacturer NIIFP
Material Si
Type (recommended mode) light tapping
Chip size 3.6x1.6x0.4mm
Reflective backside coating 100nm Au (on a Cr sublayer)
Tip-side coating no
Cantilever shape rectangular
Number of cantilevers 1
Tip height 7-10m
Tip cone angle ≤22

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