SNG 01

SNOM Test grating

Test grating for Scanning Near field Optical Microscope is a test object made of quartz substrate partly coated with a metal (within an active area). Metal coating is made in a form of array of rhombs that well reflect an optical signal.

Test grating specification:



Substrate material


Substrate size

10 x 10 mm

Substrate thickness

0.5 mm

Coating (rhomb) material

metal (vanadium)

Coating thickness

15 – 30 nm

Active area

central ? 3 mm

Transmission through coating (rhomb)

< 20 %

Reflection from coating (rhomb)

> 40 %

Rhomb edge curvature radius

< 50 nm


Fig. SPM image of SNOM test grating obtained with different magnifications.

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